Alameda Island sits on the western edge of San Francisco Bay creating a unique city with views of the bay and San Francisco across the bay. First settled in the late 1800’s as a summer resort for the rich of San Francisco where upscale neighborhoods formed around local town centers. This culture remains today and offers visitors a wide range of attractions. Over ninety restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world line the main streets. Pictured below is the Dragon Rouge Restaurant and the green bridge at Park street.

Dragon Rouge  Green Bridge

In addition to many restaurants Alameda boasts several wineries which produce excellent local wines and offer wine tasting venues. Two of the best are listed below.

Rock Wall Wine Company                                      Rosenblum Cellars
2301 Monarch St Alameda, CA 94501                  2900 Main St #1100 Alameda, CA 94501
(510) 522-5700                                                          (800) 559-8069                                


Housing a former US Navy base the US Navy still maintains a reserve fleet base here and the home of the USS Hornet Museum. The Hornet a famed aircraft carrier from World War II offers visitors a glimpse into the life of ships, sailors and aircraft from the era.

USS Hornet

USS Hornet

Washington Park and adjoining Crown Beach are open spaces and the only sand beach in an Francisco Bay. Two miles of beach with views of the bay and San Francisco Bay make it an excellent place for an outing or a relaxing walk.

Kids playing on the beach with the USS Hornet and San Francisco in the background

Kids playing on the beach with Ballena Isle Marina and the San Francisco skyline in the background



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